Reimagine The “Future Of Work” At SAPPHIRE NOW

All-digital event will combine maximum social distancing with a rich menu of cutting-edge content


Hong Kong kicked off 2020 facing the global challenge of the COVID-19 novel corona virus outbreak. Now, nearly halfway through the year, we are stepping into what is hoped will be a brighter post-pandemic period.

Recognizing the need for creative new ideas, SAP has “reimagined” our annual SAPPHIRE NOW forum taking place on 16 July, 2020 as an all-digital event. The goal is to offer maximum social distancing and safety along with even more varied menu of cutting-edge content.

The event is timely. It has long been clear that digital transformation has helped many firms keep ahead of competitors. However, amid the uncertainty of a global pandemic, the question now being asked is how new technology-driven business models can create, distribute and sustain long-term value in increasingly unpredictable markets.


Capturing the customer perspective

Some of the answers will be on display during SAPPHIRE NOW, with business and technology leaders sharing their perspectives on the impact of COVID-19 on their own companies. They’ll showcase the effect of sudden behavior shifts – both internal and external – recount how they have responded to this crisis, and discuss what this all means for the “future of work” in a post-pandemic world.

The Customer Panel session at SAPPHIRE Now Vision Hong Kong 2020 will include representatives from an internationally-famous textile and garment manufacturer, a global insurance and asset management provider, and one of the world’s most efficient metro railway operators. Answering questions from the audience, they will discuss the strengths and lay out the weaknesses of current business approaches.

For example, Karl Ting, the GM of Crystal International will examine how digital transformation and the adoption of technologies such as AI, robotics, data analytics and visualization in the past few years. This has enabled his company to respond quickly to new market conditions, by allowing employees to work remotely and shifting part of its operations to produce face masks. His viewpoint should be invaluable for companies or CIOs planning to go into digital transformation using technology innovation to sustain short-term and long-term growth.

One aspect of the pandemic is the way it is making people more aware of their health and investing in insurance coverage. Ash Kaumi, the CFO of Generali Life (Hong Kong), will explore how technology can help the insurance industry handle challenges, and the role it is playing in fostering its own engagement with customers and employees.

His insight is far from theoretical. Generali Life is currently undergoing a series of worldwide digital transformation, and recently went live with some SAP solutions, including S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud to use data to optimize its finance operations.

The most unique panellist may be Ted Suen who wears two hats – that of President of Hong Kong Computer Society and as CIO of the MTR. Ted will be discussing the key technologies that are helping the MTR to carry more than 6 million passengers every day, and offer Hong Kong companies some insight and best practice advice.


Identifying trends and unlocking industry insights.

An unexpected outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic is the way it has accelerated the use of technology among Hong Kong companies. Few people are better placed to observe and comment on this development than the representatives of some of the world’s biggest technology providers, a selection of whom will be members of the Executive Dialog panel session at SAPPHIRE Now Vision Hong Kong 2020.

They will include Cally Chan, General Manager, Microsoft Hong Kong, who has seen first-hand the growing number of companies adopting cloud technology to overcome business and operational disruptions. And Wing Lee, Executive Director, IVC Solutions, who will evaluate some of the most pressing issues for local companies and outline how technology is currently helping to overcome them.

While the pace of adoption is impressive, the transformation in decision-making around technology is even more exciting. AWS will discuss some of the most significant and far-reaching changes in cloud adoption among Hong Kong companies in recent years.

The panel will be rounded out by Philippe Cherigie, the Managing Director and SAP Sales Lead APAC, Accenture, who will discuss the technology experience of Hong Kong firms compared to the global picture, with the goal of identifying trends and unlocking valuable insights.


Preparing for the future

As Hong Kong shows some signs of recovery, it is important for local companies to be ready and able to take advantage of every opportunity. With expert speakers and spirited audience Q&As, the SAPPHIRE NOW forum will get to the heart of what matters to local companies. And, hopefully offer advice on how they can be better prepared to withstand the all but inevitable future business disruptions.

Click here to find out more or register for SAPPHIRE Now Vision Hong Kong 2020.

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