Digital Tools Helping Hong Kong Developers To Construct Better Buildings

SAP solutions enable Chun Wo to speed up projects and significantly reduce operational costs


You know, when someone criticizes the Hong Kong skyline, I usually tell them to wait a few months. Because there is always something new popping up to change the view.

In many ways, our wonderful city is a work in progress. And the construction industry has always played a huge role in Hong Kong’s development. 

Take Chun Wo for example. Over the past 50 years it has contributed to a variety of infrastructure projects, accumulating experience and building a solid track record of success along the way.

The company is proud of having the expertise and ability to take on large-scale, integrated construction projects.  But, as Chief Executive Officer Stephen Lee pointed out recently, ensuring a successful outcome is far from easy.

Part of the problem is that construction projects usually take about three years. Chun Wo needs to manage dozens of them simultaneously, involving hundreds of different departments and subcontractors. 

All of this activity requires a tremendous amount of labor, materials and financial resources. Which makes monitoring expenses and maintaining efficiency very important.



Efficient. User-friendly. Interconnected.


Construction is a traditional industry. Most firms rely on legacy statistical software and analyze the data manually. Consolidating information from each department and obtaining the results can be a time-consuming and error prone process.

Not for Chun Wo. It recognized the importance of optimizing statistical analysis years ago, when it adopted SAP’s Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. According Senior IT Manager Samuel Hon, it has relied on SAP ERP tools ever since.

The company didn’t have to go it alone. As long-term partner, SAP helped of Chun Wo create a user-friendly analytics system. This has improved efficiency and connects with the Group’s other key systems. Every department can now obtain the latest, and most accurate project information, quickly and easily.

The response from staff has been extremely positive. The SAP analytics cloud system allows them to analyse information from different projects quickly and accurately. It also provides the management team with comprehensive knowledge on every project. Among other things, it alerts them to any risks and underlying problems, and enables them to take prompt action.



Speed and accuracy cuts down man-days and reduces costs


The results Chun Wo has achieved speak for themselves. After adopting SAP analytics cloud, each of the company’s numerous construction sites saved 2-3 man days, and significantly reduced operational costs. The solution also delivers important data during the planning and project commencement phases.

Chun Wo is moving towards a diversified development strategy. In addition to its core business in Hong Kong, it is expanding across Southeast Asia, as well as worldwide. 

Successfully managing projects in different regions will depend on access to fast, accurate data analysis. Fortunately, that is precisely where SAP’s professional solutions has been, and will continue helping Chun Wo to excel and change the skylines of cities all over the region and around the world.

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