If You Like Reality TV, You’ll Love SAP’s Demo Wednesdays

Hong Kong-based experts offer new ideas and no sales talk


The COVID-19 pandemic has put the brakes on economies all over the world. Housebound staff working from home are glued to their TVs and computer screens. As a result, the consumption of content has spiked to some of the highest levels in history, as people search for news and entertainment to replace activities curtailed due to social distancing measures.

However, with studios closed down, most of the content isn’t new. The majority of programming comprises repeats of existing favourites. And, it might be a while before production starts up again.

Don’t worry SAP has an answer to the old content conundrum, with a brand new show we are calling Demo Wednesdays.

Similar to reality TV, we’re taking demos to a new level, and making them into a show that’s tailored to the needs and desires of the audience. In fact, we are actively inviting viewers to send in their own requests.

Of course, putting together interesting and informative demos takes significant preparation time – ranging from a few days in some cases to a few weeks in others. But, the structure will be the same every week.

  • Short format: 45 minute webinars
  • Product focused: There will be some talking, but no sales pitches
  • Interactive: We want to get your questions and input
  • Local experts: The whole team is Hong-Kong based, so many of the webinars will be held in Cantonese. In fact, that’s something you won’t find on our YouTube channel.

The first and second Demo Wednesday went out a few days ago, replays could be watched here. And more are on the way:

Visit the below website to register for sessions you are interested in: https://webinars.sap.com/hk/demo-wednesday-hk/en/home


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