Special Times Call for Special Solutions

Addressing today’s challenges could create tomorrow’s opportunities

The COVID-19 outbreak is having a devastating effect on individuals and the economy. However, the measures to contain the pandemic in Hong Kong have affected some businesses harder than others!

The good news is that experience has proved that times never last, but tough people and tougher enterprises most definitely do. Or, to put it another way, problems aren’t necessarily stop roadblocks. They can sometimes be guidelines that point to opportunities that might otherwise been missed.

During the current unprecedented period of uncertainty, enterprises large and small are naturally looking for reassurance and assistance to achieve the best outcomes. 

In early April, the government announced an HK$137.5 billion COVID-19 relief package to help businesses and keep workers in employment. It includes the “D-Biz” Distance Business Programme that promises 100% funding support to qualified enterprises, capped at HK$100,000 per IT solution and HK$300,000 per enterprise.

SAP is also playing its part by providing companies with the advice, insight and  solutions they need to address today’s challenges and create tomorrow’s opportunities.

Supporting SMEs

For example SAP is offering end-to-end solution packages designed for SMBs. Suitable for companies with 10 or more staff. They include SAP iRPA – intelligent robotic process automation – which automates work tasks and increases productivity.

In good times, one of the key advantages of SAP iRPA is that it allows you to create software robots to perform repetitive and manual activities. In today’s rough environment, when the available labour force is under pressure, SAP iRPA helps companies to complete time consuming and tedious manual system activities on time, error free and without interruption.

Dealing with the worst is also preparing for the best

In some ways, such as in the number of cases and unfortunate fatalities, Hong Kong has fared far better than some cities. However, even optimistic projections suggest that the effects of the virus are likely to be with us for at least a few more months, and perhaps into next year.

Therefore it is critical that people and companies maintain both their vigilance and momentum. SAP’s Special Solutions for Special Times are helping everyone to do both.

Contact SAP today to find out more about how to address today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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