I Have a Fever. Am I Fired?

I have fever. Am I fired? No, I mean … that’s really a question I’ve asked myself a week ago.

 OK, it wasn’t a bad fever, and I was not really worried about being fired. But honestly, that Saturday-night sneezing and coughing spree was intense. I was thinking about my friends and the hike we had planned for the next morning. Would they still be happy to go to Peng Chau while my nose was running faster than Usain Bolt? It turned out that I woke up Sunday morning feeling like a new man. And yes, the hike was great and the yum cha after the hike even better.

The current COVID-19 crisis is making just about everyone nervous. Even after the walk on Sunday, I kept thinking about how employees are worrying not only about their families but also about their jobs. More importantly, what are companies doing to help and protect their employees in this time of crisis?

 At SAP SuccessFactors Hong Kong, we provide a solution for employers to limit their risks while reducing the stress of their employees. We do this in three ways:

Make Employees’ Lives Easier

Your employees are already overwhelmed with the current situation. There are so many extra challenges that need to be taken care of, like purchasing surgical masks, making sure that the kids are on track while the schools are shut down, and even taking care of the toilet paper supply. And yet, employers ask something more which is to report on their health status.

So, what about showing them a little bit of care and attention and making this task even simpler than sending a WhatsApp message?

With a little bit of configuration, your SAP SuccessFactors mobile app will look like this:


Multiply this self-reporting by the number of employees you have, and you will soon be able to get back the control of your WhatsApp Inbox … and of your time!

Involve Key Stakeholders

The biggest burden in these times of crisis is the one carried by the line managers. How do they know if their teams are coming to the office today? Is everyone healthy? What contingency plan do I have to put in place if one or more of them has symptoms this morning? #stress

 Real-time information and on-the-spot action-taking is embedded in good workflow engines, like the one you can find in SAP SuccessFactors. Every time an employee will log his/her report, managers can be informed. Health and Safety Managers can also be involved for special cases, e.g. someone is reporting symptoms.

 First, let your managers and HRBP deal with multiple approvals at once. Any case which is not concerning can be approved directly with this simple screen.


Then, for these cases to investigate, you can get full details on the check-in reports and comment, approve, and get the work done while showing care for your team.

View Real-Time and Act Fast

Ultimately, let’s not forget the scale of the crisis and the scale of your company! Maybe you like the easy-to-use mobile app and workflows, but what value would it add without analytics?

Providing real-time visibility and enabling leaders to act fast is essential. The new People Analytics Embedded Edition of SuccessFactors enables you to report not only on the core tables, but also on the extensions. Imagine getting real-time view on the health status of your employees, and being able to take the right decision at the right time!


Last but not least, what if I told you that you can create responsive reports so that they would display on your leaders mobile phones, real time all the time? Note this mobile screen is a preview of a future functionality.

How does this work?

SAP SuccessFactors has a very flexible architecture, that not only enables companies who subscribe to the service to manage the full employees lifecycle in the Cloud based on best practices from 6,800+ customers, it also enables you to create your own model. When you subscribe to SAP SuccessFactors, you also get a database, a workflow engine and a mobile app tailored to your needs. Technically, we call that framework the MetaData Framework with its Extension Center.

In Conclusion

To show your employees care and to take fast action in times of crisis is the most important thing companies can do right now. 

Learn More: https://www.sap.com/hk/cmp/dg/hk-employee-safety-2020/index.html

Stay safe.


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