Ocean Park Boosts HR Performance With Digital HR Transformation

SAP SuccessFactors satisfies the park’s growing need for efficient and effective learning and performance management solutions

In addition to being a local landmark, Hong Kong’s Ocean Park is a world-class oceanarium and an internationally famous theme park. It combines marine animal exhibitions with roller coaster rides and entertainment for children and families. 

The park attracts over 7 million visitors a year, who are guided and looked after by an army of dedicated staff. And, although its business model is different from a bank or technology enterprise, the process of attracting, training and retaining talent is still a significant a factor.

For example, a decade ago, Ocean Park had approximately 400 employees. Today, there are around 1,800 full-time staff, which with the addition of part-time employees, can easily escalate to 3,000-to-4,000 in peak season. Managing such explosive growth is a major challenge.

HR on the move

In a bank, most of the staff are in a static location, with a PC in front of them. So, they can easily access enterprise systems, training materials and other HR tools. At Ocean Park, the picture is completely different. 

The majority of the theme park operator’s staff are outdoors or on the move, without convenient access to a computer. And giving them one wouldn’t be practical.  You can’t expect a dolphin trainer to carry around a laptop!

With ambitious expansion plans, including the opening of Hong Kong’s first All-Weather Water World experiences, Ocean Park needed a way to take its learning and talent management into the digital age. It found what it was looking for in form of SAP SuccessFactors’ Learning Management System (LMS) and Performance Management and Goal Management (PMGM). 

Boosting performance management efficiency by over 60%

The launch of SAP SuccessFactors solutions have revolutionized tasks that staff and managers used to dread, turning learning and reviews into something they can do at their own pace.

Dubbed “Ocean Learn,” the anytime/anywhere mobile e-learning system has been extended to 100% of staff throughout the park, and increased  performance management efficiency by over 60%.

Being “fat” online and “thin” offline, the new “Ocean Learn” LMS solution supports all of the full-time staff and thousands of peak time temps, and paves the way for employee growth of 25-30%.

Smooth implementation means that all of the park’s employees now using the new LMS and performance and goal solutions. Such comprehensive coverage also provides “big data” for sophisticated analysis and in-depth insights, which can then be used to tailor learning experiences more closely to staff needs and preferences.

In addition to being a huge hit with the highly app-driven millennials who make up 70% of Ocean Park’s workforce, SAP SuccessFactors has increased performance management efficiency by more than 60%, with staff now able to complete performance appraisals in less than 20 minutes.

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Talent management transformation perfectly timed

This talent management transformation has come at the perfect time for Ocean Park. It is going through an expansion phase and employee figures are expected to grow accordingly.

As Mimi Fu, Ocean Park’s Director of Learning and Development, pointed out, “As the challenges multiply, the need for efficient and effective learning management and performance management is only going to grow. Access to advanced solutions like SAP SuccessFactors LMS and PMGM is essential.”

Click here to learn more about Ocean Park’s Journey. 

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