Process Mining As Medical MRI that Reconstructs and Visualizes Digital Footprints

SAP Process Mining by Celonis pinpoints opportunities to improve processes and increase efficiency.

I have long believed that how you do something can be more important than why you are doing it. 

Let me explain,

Hong Kong Island’s crowded Mid-Levels have always suffered from congestion. But, the Government’s idea of building the world’s longest escalator changed the picture dramatically. Initially ridiculed, but now recognized as a brilliant idea, it gets people up and down the hill quickly and efficiently. It has also spawned a new cultural and entertainment district – SOHO.

But, to my mind, the secret of the Mid-Levels escalator project’s success isn’t so much where it is or the technology it uses. The real innovation was to look outside the box and vizualize a new way to do something. Instead of trying to upgrade and widen narrow old roads, the Government reinvented the process of moving people around the heart of the city.


Hunting down heart trouble?

Today, many Hong Kong companies are in a position similar to where the Mid-Levels used to be. The heart of their businesses is driven by processes that may have remained the same for decades, or updated using new technology. 

But, that heart might not be beating as efficiently as possible. Traditional measures like BI and analytic applications only compare overall process performance against KPIs and interviewing participants, results in subjective high-level insights.

Ensuring the efficiency of complex, high-volume business processes requires comprehensive and in-depth diagnoses. What they really need is something like an enterprise MRI. Something to assess the health of the business and deeply analyze the execution of processes to reveal how they perform, and even where they can be improved?

As it happens, there is now a way to do all that, with SAP Process Mining by Celonis. This award winning technology leverages the power of SAP HANA for data-based discovery, visualization and assessment of as-is processes. Or, to put it another way, it delivers a fast and foolproof way to uncover all the deviations and hidden inefficiencies at the heart of any operation.


How does it work?

Every interaction with a system leaves a digital footprint. At the touch of a button, SAP process mining, uses these traces to automatically reconstruct end-to-end business processes, and precisely visualize how these processes were executed.

For example, imagine the typical purchase-to-pay process, which most businesses follow. With SAP Process Mining by Celonis, users can analyze and explore the process, and any variants, exactly as they were carried out. 

They can find bottlenecks and compliance violations. And the drill down capabilities uncover previously unrecognized process weaknesses, and provide factual evidence of inefficiencies. Analyses, show how to increase automation, provide reasons for manual intervention, and offer advice and ways to prevent future deviation. 

The result is full transparency of all as-is processes, and unlimited freedom for continuous process optimization.


Easy implementation and rapid returns

The cloud edition of SAP Process Mining by Celonis enables businesses to visualize and understand the processes running within their SAP solutions. It turns process execution data into intuitive graphical representations that present a clear picture of how tasks are being performed, how well they run, and where they consume the most manual effort. And machine learning and embedded artificial intelligence functionalities measure opportunities for automation and process-specific improvements.

It’s also fast. Out of the box SAP application Integration means implementation is almost instant. The cloud-based subscription software provides click, connect, and play functionality for processes and applications. What’s more, using prebuilt connectors and screens that can be adapted to business requirements, reduces the need for time-consuming integration.

As the next best thing to an MRI for business processes. SAP Process Mining by Celonis enables enterprises to visualize process performance and get a clear diagnosis on where to improve. All of which helps to keep the heart of the business healthy and vital.

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To find out more about SAP Process Mining by Celonis, download the whitepaper for free.


Want to know more? Register for our upcoming webinar Diagnose & Improve Enterprise Health with SAP Process Optimization, live on 12 Feb at 10:30a.m.

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