RPA: Helping Businesses Bounce Back

Embracing the Benefits while Keeping Disruption to an Absolute Minimum

It is becoming clear that Hong Kong’s recent unrest is affecting the city’s international reputation as well as its livelihood.

As Aron Harilela, the Chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) pointed out in the latest issue of The Bulletin, “what we are hearing from our members, particularly local SMEs and companies in the retail and tourism sector, is that significant damage has already been done.”

Rebounding with RPA

Hong Kong has experienced upheavals in the past, and each time the city has rebounded and emerged stronger than before. With the right approach, there’s no reason it can’t continue to do so.

One important approach that can help organizations improve existing operations and eliminate potential

 problems or bottlenecks, is undoubtedly Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Currently a hot topic across many business sectors, RPA is designed to remove repetitive and time-consuming tasks from back office jobs like data entry, accounting, human resources and supply-chain management. With “assistant bots” carrying out these tasks, businesses can focus on more high-value processes. At the same time, improved speed and efficiency makes for a better experience for customers.

Robotic technology is developing so rapidly that robots may soon be able to work independently and provide services where needed, and even before people ask for help!

The Dawn of Unlimited Intelligence

RPA is more than artificial intelligence. It ushers in a new age of “unlimited intelligence,” that will change the game for enterprises of all sizes – in good times, and especially during uncertainty. 

To help businesses understand the implications or RPA and exploit its potential.

The HKGCC and SAP are joining hands to host a roundtable luncheon on 11 September 2019. 

Speakers at the event will include SAP’s Vanessa Ko and Greg Wong, who will discuss the latest RPA trends, and explain how it can play a role in improving existing operations and eliminating potential business bottlenecks.

As well as showcasing how some are already using robots to provide superior customer experiences and improve their internal processes, the experts will also cover how businesses can embrace the benefits of RPA while keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.

Better, Faster and more Competitive

As Aron Harilela said in his Chairman’s message, “When calm returns – as we all sincerely hope will happen soon – our fundamentals will still be as strong as ever.”

New approaches, such as RPA, can make Hong Kong’s fundamentals even stronger. And enable companies to reduce some of the impact of uncertain situations, bounce back faster, and compete effectively on the local, regional and international stage.

Click here to learn more about SAP iRPA and register for the HKGCC Roundtable Luncheon on 11 September 2019.

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