Cloudy Conditions Could Make The Difference When Manchester City And Kitchee Clash In Hong Kong

Are cloud-based SAP solutions the English soccer giant’s secret weapon?

Hong Kong’s Premier League soccer team, Kitchee, finished last season as champions. But, they’ll have their work cut out for them on 24 July, when they face the English Premier League winners, Manchester City, in a friendly match at the Hong Kong Stadium.

Kitchee will definitely have the home team advantage. But, the odds aren’t exactly even. Man City spent over GBP70 million on players last season, and has already invested more than GBP80 million in new talent in the build-up to this year’s Premier League kick-off.

However, the English team has more than money and a powerful player roster going for it. Like many businesses, and an increasing number of sports teams, the team is using cloud technology to eliminate some of the guesswork and improve its performance – both on and off-the field.


Levelling the playing field

It takes skill and determination to win at the premier level. But league tables don’t lie and the impact of technology is hard to ignore.

Since SAP and the City Football Group joined forces in 2015, Manchester City has been on a roll. Things heated up when it made technology a part of its campaign to take the Premier League trophy for the second year in a row. The team began using SAP Challenger Insights before matches to build game plans, in the locker room during halftime to make in-game adjustments, and after games for future match planning.

SAP Challenger Insights is a mobile application accessed through a tablet that provides coaches and analysts with data and insights surrounding an opponent’s tactics and characteristics – such as their offensive and defensive tendencies and formations – that can be used before, during, and after games. 

Part of SAP Sports One, SAP Challenger Insights helps the team build and plan strategies, communicate in-game tactical changes, and deliver intuitive, up-to-the-minute insights on the opposition. And with SAP Challenger Insights on the sidelines, the team is in a better position to win.


Changing the game

In addition to helping the team win games, SAP HANA-powered solutions are also simplifying the Group’s world-wide operations, scaling the business, increasing productivity and enhancing the fan experience. 

In practice that means using cloud solutions to enhance talent management and HR processes and drive more collaboration worldwide. SAP platforms simulate all data – from ticketing to merchandising – allowing decision makers across the organization to make faster and more informed decisions. 

Other SAP solutions are being leveraged to enhance the fan experience in City Football Group stadiums around the world. Innovations like interactive digital insights walls bring real-time analytics and insights to fans attending matches.


Picking winners

It’s not just soccer. SAP is helping to transform other sports. We are collaborating with well-known sporting organizations and associations in everything from ice hockey to sailing, golf, Formula 1 racing, cricket, American football, baseball, tennis and basketball.

Engaging dynamically with partners in sports and entertainment is a much better model than sponsoring signage. It helps them run better on the field, in the stands, and in the front office. That’s a more inspiring dynamic than simple logo placement! It’s a collaborative effort, and one that advances SAP’s mission to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. Including their enjoyment.

Of course, the proof is in the playing. And it remains to be seen whether SAP will give Man City a decisive edge. Or, if crowd support will power Kitchee to a winning performance. But, if I were a betting person, I know where I’d put my money!

Click here to learn more about how SAP is transforming sports and entertainment all over the world.

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