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Breaking into the big time has always taken plenty of ambition. But these days, a lot depends on picking the right technology to drive growth. The last thing the CEO of an SME on the cusp of creating critical mass needs is to take an IT wrong-turn and get stuck in the slow lane.

Before they jump on the bandwagon of a hot new technology, SMEs should ask themselves some hard questions to define who they are a business. Then work out where technology can make the biggest difference – such as managing the business, improving decision making, or empowering people.

Conducting that kind of corporate psychoanalysis can take time. To speed things up, and identify the type of solutions that can deliver maximum impact, SAP has created a simple Solution Finder in the form of an online quiz. Once the CEO (or CTO) provides basic data such as business nature, geographic focus and key challenges, the information is analysed and the recommendations are available for download.


Managing the Business

One of the Solution Finder’s recommendations will likely be effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to track business processes without compromising service, product quality or profitability.

In simple terms, an ERP solution makes it possible to deal what’s is going on within the business in real time. This is crucial during any transition, when the volume of business processes is spiking and executive resources are stretched. ERP provides the company with a solid operational backbone.

ERP used to be considered the sole preserve of big businesses, but that is changing. SAP’s “ByDesign” ERP offering was created specifically to help SMEs bridge the gap between being a start-up and becoming an established business.

Being cloud-based, there are no up-front expenses. Everything is available as a service for a predictable monthly fee. It also scales easily, accommodating local, regional and global ambitions.

ERP available on smart phones, see how it works.


Improving decision making

ERP helps manage what’s going on. But, understanding why it is happening – and making informed decisions on what to do about it – requires analytics.

Analytics take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation, putting intelligence-driven insights into the hands of the entire executive team. For SME’s aiming for the top, that should mean fewer missteps along the way

SAP Analytics Cloud combines a wide range of analytics capabilities, including business intelligence, data discovery and visualization, planning, and predictive analytics, in a single, user-friendly, and cloud-based solution. By tracking key metrics and getting a clear, real-time view of what’s happening in the business today, an ambitious CEO can plan for tomorrow and adapt quickly as needed.

Watch the CEOs rating on SAP Business ByDesign now


Empowering people

The heart of any SME-to-bigger business transformation is people. However, HR is often one of the last things on which an enterprise focuses its attention. That’s not a good situation to be in when you are planning to expand.

Again, HR solutions used to be something that MNCs had to have, but most SMEs couldn’t afford. Which partially explains the advantage big names enjoy when it comes to talent.

Today, cloud-based solutions like SAP’s SuccessFactors, have turned the tables. They allow SMEs to put people at the centre of the organisation, help them win the war for top talent, connect people to purpose, and drive results across the business.


Planning today for tomorrow’s future

Trying to transition from a smaller firm into a big-time player is stressful and risky at the best of times. Hard-pressed CEOs don’t need more to worry about than is already on their plate.

Picking the right technology early can save a lot of heartache later. For some SMEs, it might even mean the difference between home town success and becoming a global business.


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