Role of Cloud Technologies in the Future of Societies and Ecosystems

Businesses today face constant pressure for greater speed, effectiveness, and adaptability. Customers expect superior levels of service, customization and insight. Businesses need to see trends as they emerge and execute solutions before the competition. Cloud infrastructure opens the opportunity to boost profits, grow faster, and enter new markets. Intelligent systems are already here to augment and enhance the capabilities of your people. Intelligent Cloud ERP drives value creation by delivering intelligent automation end-to-end.

Recently, at Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong, the North Asia’s biggest and best attended technology event at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, brought together the world’s leading minds. Industry leaders and practitioners shared their extensive wisdom and discussed the latest topics and concerns surrounding their digital transformation plans.

Two primary forces – purpose and customer experiences – drive value creation with Intelligent ERP Cloud. Technologies, like the Cloud, will be at the heart of new competitive strategies due to its ability to reduce complexities, increase scalability and its ubiquity. But only the industry leaders focusing on the “why” will be the real game changers. Intelligent Core with machine learning & AI capabilities, Instant Go live in weeks, and a superior Digital User Experience not only drive impact but also create continuous business value for end customers and stakeholders.  

“Productivity isn’t just making stuff cheaper — it’s making stuff better,” writes Umair Haque, author of “Betterness: Economics for Humans” and director of Havas Media Labs. “What do real-world productivity breakthroughs look like? Cures for cancer, vaccines, the internet, iPhones. They are not just minor-league conveniences; they truly and dramatically change lives,” says Haque. Motivated, talented employees at the world’s top organizations are teaming up, to create products and services to serve citizens and economies and inspire others to change their mindsets. Linear supply chains will become a thing of past, and industry consortiums to make circular business models will become the new normal.   

Bold digital visions delivering a sustainable competitive advantage also rely heavily on designing experiences to take to market. “We’re here to honor the person who pays money to us. I think we often lose sight of that,” shares Jeanne Bliss, CEO and founder of Customer Bliss in her recent blog, Why ‘how’ you grow is just as important as ‘how much’. Everywhere, we see the rise of conscious consumers, a movement of people who seek out ways to make positive decisions, who are influential, flexible and choose services or products from responsible businesses.

Disruptive technologies enable transparency in supply chains, including materials and processes, which can play an inspiring role in a brand and product’s story. The world’s leading brands and tomorrow’s business leaders already leverage purpose-driven technology and will continue to serve citizens of the world driving impact and growth within global communities.

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