SAP Next-Gen at Green Is The New Black Festival: Activating Purpose-Driven Mindsets

Sustainable living is becoming the new normality. Now, more than ever, consumers consider the social and environmental impact of their decisions. I shared some of my thoughts earlier this week on 13th April at the Impact Investing Panel Session at the Green Is The New Black Festival, where we had purpose driven individuals and communities coming together to discuss how they can play an active role in motivating global audiences to join the movement to create a better, more sustainable world. 

SAP Next-Gen promotes Innovation 4.0 to inspire visionary solutions aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Innovation 4.0 is the latest stage in innovation, which spans an era that began with Innovation 1.0, the rise of Silicon Valley. Innovation 2.0 followed as other regions around the world adopted the Silicon Valley model. From there, Innovation 3.0 emerged as leading innovators began to focus on positive social outcomes aligned with the 17 SDGs. And today we are seeing the emergence of Innovation 4.0.

The success of Innovation 4.0 relies heavily on entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs together with a global community of startups, accelerators, corporates, purpose driven institutions, academia, and citizens who together can facilitate a rapid uncovering of new solutions to address the UN SDGs. No one country, company, or community has all the answers, and hence we need to foster partnerships among businesses, governments, and civil society to incubate and accelerate the best ideas for sustainable growth. Expediating progress towards a sustainable world also requires:

  • Activating your science-fiction thinking and imagination. Unlock the potential of exponential technologies to enable positive social change. The future is coming fast and having a positive impact on the world either as a startup or a corporate means understanding how technology can be an enabler for good.
  • Leading with purpose. Being purpose-driven will make you more future-proof and focused on your vision. Represent a diverse range of talent to support the people-oriented parts of the SDGs.
  • Taking the stage and starting a movement. Startups and enterprises that succeed are also driving communities and movements. Create networking opportunities and collaborative spaces for your movement to take shape and flourish.
  • Focusing on impact by teaming up on your local citizen movements. Play an active role in local activations that empower citizens to make intentional efforts for creating a more sustainable future. These activations provide a platform to engage citizens through listening to citizens, involving them in initiatives, scaling impact, and sharing stories of sustainable living.

SAP Next-Gen incorporated these measures into activations at the World Economic Forum in Davos with a focus on scaling impact for the SDGs through new public-private partnerships across the global SAP Next-Gen purpose network. SAP’s collaboration with the Davos House was awarded one of the 2019 “Un-Davos Awards” for best breakout venue: Davos House – Making low-ceilings and the United Nations cool again. The Davos House hosted more than 1000 attendees including government leaders, royalty, philanthropists, impact investors, partners, customers, corporate leaders, academia, purpose driven NGOs, and the startup ecosystem. You can read more in the SAP News Center storieswhich highlight the launch of six agendas at Davos to scale impact for the SDGs.

You can join the movement at the upcoming SAP and Encompass HK sustainable fashion event, 15 Shades of Green, on April 26th. The event will bring together community members and corporate leaders to discuss how to drive sustainable fashion in Hong Kong, putting a spotlight on SAP Next-Gen’s sustainable fashion agenda. It aims to inspire a conversation on green fashion during Fashion Revolution Week, a week of global campaigns and activities taking place the week of  April 22nd to demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain by putting an end to exploitation, providing decent working conditions, and focusing on sustainable production.

SAP Next-Gen will share more stories around citizen activations during the panel next week. Join us for meaningful conversation and inspiration from community thought leaders.  


About SAP Next-Gen:

SAP Next-Gen is a purpose driven innovation university and community aligned with SAP’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and supporting SAP’s 425,000+ customers across 25 industries and 7 lines-of-business in 180+ countries. The community leverages 3,700+ educational institutions in 116 countries, 140+ SAP Next-Gen labs/hubs at universities and at partner and SAP locations, 110+ SAP Next-Gen Chapters25+ innovation communities through a partnership with Startup Guide, a growing global network of 30+ FQ Lounges, the Home of Equality @ Campuses in a partnership with The Female Quotient, as well as startups, accelerators, tech community partners, venture firms, impact investors and philanthropists, futurists, and purpose driven institutions. The community also leverages SAP’s 100+ innovation, development and customer experience centers and SAP’s network of 18,800+ partner companies. 

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